Kanekalon Synthetic Crochet Micro Braids 24 inch


Synthetic Fiber Crochet Curly Hair Extensions, Micro Braids 3 Strands 24 inch.

Delivery time: 3 working days

Product details

  • Weight: 50±5g/pack.
  • Material: High Temperature Kanekalon Synthetic Fiber
  • Style: Deep Twist
  • Category: Curly Braids
  • Quality: High Level Synthetic
  • Quantity: For a Full Head: 8-10packs

  • Hair length: 24 inch Biby Braids Hair
  • Sample: Paid Sample
  • Hair Grade: Top Grade Synthetic
  • Advantage: Soft, Shiny and long durability

Are you looking for a Braids extensions shop and are you wondering where to buy high-quality synthetic Braids extensions? BibyBella is the best place to be when you are interested in purchasing beautiful braids.

Imagine using a Biby Braids color for each occasion, it’s exciting to be able to choose the color you want, when using Biby Braids, run your fingers through the locks and feel your fingers slide with ease, being able to do any hairstyle without any difficulty, that’s sensational, being able to feel the shine and softness. You will be impressed by the quality and durability.

The placement is practical and easy, Bella, you will have fun with the process, and the result will be better than expected, because here we show you the placement step by step.

It takes 8 to 10 packages to achieve the expected result, we who like curly hair, the more volume the better, but don’t worry Bella, you won’t feel any weight, the feeling is that you have nothing on your head, each package weighs 50±5g/pack. This product does not absorb water when washed and dries quickly

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